Ceiling Fan at your needs

Singapore is a high living country, we live with all the certificates assurance, products material is certified by our country, we live for proud, looking for a safety environment, no hazel spit, if you stay in Singapore, please get a safety marking certified ceiling fan for your home, for your safety and for your love ones.

Singapore HDB flat ceiling is only 2.4-2.5m, Singapore certified ceiling fan is design to suit the low ceiling, no shaking is one of the issued.

1. Where is the best place to install the ceiling fan?

Every places in the home in which people are present like living hall, bedrooms and dining room. Balcony and car porch also can install.

2. Who can install the ceiling fan?

Licence electrician can provide the services.

3. What brand of the ceiling fan gives more wind?

Different fan & different brand have their own performance of quality.

The sales assistance will assist of your need.

4. Are ceiling fan noisy and do they wobble?

Depend on the brand of fans, lower quality materials will give wobble.

5. What size of fan is needed for a particular room?

There are different fan sizes, like 30” – 40” fans are commonly use for small room and 52” – 56” fans for larger settings.

The most common size by fan is the 52” fan, which is typically appropriate for most rooms.

6. Do you charge for the delivery of your products?

No. All products are free of charge for delivery in local.

7. Do ceiling fans require any special wiring?

No. Ceiling fans can be wired into an existing lighting circuit.

8. How long will it take for my order to delivery?

We typically have 99% of our product available for immediate delivery at any time.

It depends on the availability of the product / brand that you want.

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